Spinach Mint Scrambled Eggs

Oh yeah, you read that right.
Be bold!!!!

Stuff you need:
Spinach (chopped)
Garlic clove (diced/chopped/mutilated)
Teensy bit of EVOO
Onions(chopped into microscopic bits, jk but just tiny pieces of onion)
Ground Cinnamon
Ground Cummin
Onion powder if you’re out of onions
A tiny bit of chili powder
1-2 mint leaves
Diced tomato
Chunks of mozzarella
Dollop of sour cream

Add the EVOO to the skillet with the garlic

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Pork Cheesy Rice

So I was perusing the kitchen looking for something to make for dinner, supplies are low in the family larder and I’m having to get a little creative.

I spot the thawed out pork chops and immediately thought Oo Cheesy rice!!!! (I know, I don’t know how I made that connection either).

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How could this possibly go wrong!???!?

365 Days of Bacon

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve thought, “I’d like to go to Michigan.”

Ok, full truth: I’ve actually never thought it. Granted, it’s not that Michigan is a bad place.

Especially now.

See, the Michigan Whitecaps minor league baseball games are now offering bacon-shell tacos. Aka, “Bacos.”

Seriously, is there anything more American than eating a bacon-shell taco while watching real baseball in the fresh spring air?

I think not.

Michigan: I might have to re-consider visiting you.  🙂

Full news article here

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So Easy it’s Silly Focaccia Bread

Ok, seriously, if I had known that Focaccia bread was so easy, I would have been making it ages ago. It’s an amazing treat, and a great way to impress guests because they will have no idea how easy it was to make fresh focaccia bread for sandwiches or dipping in various sauces for a yummy snack.

Are you ready for how easy this is? You will need a gaggle of spices, so raid your mom’s spice rack if you can’t find the spices in your own. (I love you Mom!)

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Healthy alternatives for baking! Pretty awesome.

Pizza-ish Bowls

This particular item, I’m pretty proud to admit, was one of my own devising. I combined my experience with calzones and pizza, to create a magical bowl of pizza like delights. Have you ever found yourself thinking, man, I want some pizza, but I totally want to eat it out of a bowl! If you have, you’re weird but yay!

First you need dough, you can buy refrigerated dough at any grocery store if you don’t want to put in the effort. I will say, homemade dough from scratch is pretty bomb.

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Egg in a Cloud….a cloud filled with Bacon and Awesome

When I woke up this morning and decided to make something awesome (Fruit Crepes) it didn’t just stop at one item. I thought, hey, I’ve got nothing to do with myself today (that’s a lie, I really need to clean), why not make awesome food! So, after the crepes, I thought, what says breakfast? Eggs! So I was inspired to try something different than just the usual egg arsenal for breakfast. I read a recipe a little while ago about “Egg in a Cloud”. Looked tasty, so why not? Ok, first thing you should know…

Have someone with strong, fit arms around…seriously, it is super exhausting, OR have an electric mixer. For the record, my arms are still really sore….

You need:

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First Attempt at Fruit Crepes

Ok, I was up early, and feeling ambitious. So I thought, “Hey, why don’t you try to make something awesome this morning!”. So I snagged a recipe out of one of my cook books for Whole Wheat fruit crepes. It was surprisingly simple, I think the heat on my stove was up too high, but otherwise, it was delicious and easy.

1/2 Whole Wheat Flour

2 egg whites

1/2 skim milk

1 pinch salt

1 tbsp vegatable oil

1/2 cup mixed fresh or frozen berries, thawed and drained

Fruit for Crepe's

Fruit for Crepe’s

1 tablespoon powdered sugar

OK! I whisked together the wheat flour, egg whites, salt, and oil in a mixing bowl until everything what smooth. Then,

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B*tchin’ BBQ Chicken with Cilantro Lime Rice

I call this B*tchin’ BBQ Chicken because one; it’s b*tchin’, two; it brings a nice level of convenience and tastiness with some serious tones of heat. It’s all around a crowd pleasing dish and not difficult to manage for beginner cooks and still awesome for regular cooks.

Chicken breasts
Cilantro(fresh is always best but dried will do)
White rice
Lime Juice
A couple limes
Garlic powder
Salt (I use sea salt, but table salt is fine)
Homemade BBQ sauce
I’ve mentioned the Memphis BBQ Sauce before as being amazing. I made some for my tri-tip about a week ago, so I have plenty of leftover sauce. If you have your own favorite sauce, awesome, use it, but you really ought

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Buffalo What? Oh Yeah, Buffalo Steak Burrito’s

Oh yeah, you read that right. Buffalo Steak. Isn’t is supposed to be Buffalo Chicken?- You might ask? My answer, as always, I don’t think there should be rules in cooking. If it tastes good eat it!

This little concoction came about due to a dinner request by the fiance. He loves buffalo chicken, and he’s incredibly fond of the steak I cook, so he asked for the buffalo variety.

If you have your perfect way to cook your steak, go for it! I won’t stop you, but I make a mean steak that wont just call you names or tie your shoelaces together, it will also be delicious and tender! Alright, so here’s instructions for the steak! Continue reading